City of Colbert Elected Officials

  • MAYOR:  Chris Peck
    • Roger Fortson
    • Evelyn Power
    • Jonathan Pou
    • Ray Thomas

Staff Contacts

  • City Attorney: Dale Perry
  • City Clerk:  Vicky Smith
  • Assistant Clerk: Anita Peck
  • City Election Superintendent:  Bruce Scogin
  • City Maintenance: Tony Mattox


Board of Commissioners

   *Brian Kirk, District  4    706-540-8290

   *Theresa Bettis, District 3  706-510-9120

    *Derek Doster, District 5       706-521-2141

    *Lee Allen, District 1    706-706-338-4282

    *Tripp Strickland District 2  706-621-3005


Board of Education

Dr. Michael Williams, County School Superintendent


Federal and State Elected Officials


State Elected Officials

State Senator Frank Ginn

State Representative Alan Powell

State Representative Tom McCall