City of Colbert Elected Officials

  • MAYOR:  Chris Peck
    • Roger Fortson
    • Evelyn Power
    • Jonathan Pou
    • Ray Thomas

Staff Contacts

  • City Attorney: Dale Perry
  • City Clerk:  Vicky Smith
  • Assistant Clerk: Anita Peck
  • City Election Superintendent:  Bruce Scogin
  • City Maintenance: Tony Mattox


Board of Commissioners

   *Brian Kirk, District  4    706-540-8290

   *Theresa Bettis, District 3  706-510-9120

    *Derek Doster, District 5       706-521-2141

    *Lee Allen, District 1    706-706-338-4282

    *Tripp Strickland District 2  706-621-3005


Board of Education

Dr. Michael Williams, County School Superintendent


State Elected Officials

State Senator, District 47, Frank Ginn

State Representative, District 32, Alan Powell (northern Madison Co.)

State Representative, District 33, Tom McCall

Congressional District Representative, District 9, Doug Collins

State Senator, David Perdue,

State Senator, Kelly Loeffler,{%22search%22:[%22kelly%22]}&s=3&r=1&searchResultViewType=expanded