Welcome to Colbert, GA

                             City of the Red Cannas

City HallThe City of Colbert was first chartered as Five Forks in 1899. The roads from Diamond Hill, Danielsville, Comer, Crawford and Athens came together at a point near where the traffic signal is now located. The name of Five Forks was changed to Colbert in 1909 in honor of the Colbert Family, one of the early residents. The railroad was built thru Five Forks in 1891. The depot was constructed in 1892 and now serves as the Colbert City Hall. Up until the 1950’s, cotton was king in the area. In 1970 the Colbert July 4th celebration and barbeque began. We have observed our 50th annual event.  Red Cannas have been our official flower since the 1960’s.

A 150-page History of Colbert book is available at the Colbert City Hall for a cost of $20.00. Colbert has grown over the years and our latest census report was 592 residents.  



The City of Colbert requires a business license for any person, firm, or corporation using the streets of the City for the purpose of making sales of any product or merchandise to any firm or any place of business that offers for sale or trade, any product or merchandise, or any person making loans or in any way carrying on a business description, whether profitable or not.


CHRISTMAS IN COLBERT - DECEMBER 6, 2019 - 6:30 - 8:30