Celebrating Colbert's Annual July 4th Independence Day 



The Parade begins at 9:00 a.m. at the Old Colbert Elementary School, now the City Hall and located at 60 W First Avenue. Anyone interested in being in the parade, please plan to arrive by 7:30 a.m. to line up and receive instructions.


Make sure to visit the Photo Gallery to see pictures of past events like July 4th and Christmas in Colbert.


Vendor forms may be obtained in the City Hall Office or online under the Documents & Forms tab. 


July 4, 1970 marked the beginning of 50 consecutive years of Independence Day Celebrations in Colbert, Georgia, then called the "July 4th Homecoming." Since that day, Colbert Community Clubs (known as Tri-Community Clubs) tirelessly planned and celebrated the freedom we so richly enjoy. These clubs consisted of the Colbert Garden Club, Colbert Beautification Committee, Lion's Club, and a host of volunteers. The Garden of Remembrance in Colbert was founded and developed in 1971 by the Colbert Garden Club. Over the years members of the Garden Club and Beautification Committee have passed away or moved away.


The past several years, the Lion's Club, the Colbert Volunteer Fire Department, Colbert Baptist Church, the City Mayor, Council, and Staff, together with a host of volunteers have been the driving force behind the July 4th celebrations. These men and women have tirelessly given their time and talents to planning and coordinating each July 4th Celebration providing delicious BBQ, entertainment, vendors, and many activities, including one of the best parades ever held in the northeast Georgia area.